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Party and Wedding Invitation Shop in Jacksonville, Florida

​5816 St. Augustine Road  Jacksonville, Florida 32207

Things Very Special offers Gift Wrapping Services for all of Jacksonville, Florida.  We carry a fine selection of sheet wrapping paper and quality ribbon.  We have won Jacksonville Magazine's Best Gift Wrapping.  While other stores only gift wrap items you purchase from their store, we do not adhere to that philosophy.  If the gift you are giving is important enough to be presented properly, we will wrap it for you regardless of where you purchased it. Allow our professionals to wrap any gifts.

Invitations and Stationery

Machine Calligraphy

Let us address your envelopes!  With the large variety of fonts we have, we are able to coordinate the font of your invitation to tie everything together. 


Things Very Special carries 100's of invitations on our shelf.  We believe that people should be able to touch and feel the quality of our paper before they purchase.  Our inventory allows us to meet the demands of our customers time line versus having to wait for the company to ship invitations.  If you are looking for a specific invitation, allow our seasoned professionals to find the right one to announce life's celebrations!

Gift Wrapping