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​5816 St. Augustine Road  Jacksonville, Florida 32207

It's easier than you think ......

Navigating the internet for one specific invitation can be time consuming and challenging.  What will the quality of the product be like?  Does the company check for omitted information?  Things Very Special not only carries hundreds of invitations in stock, but also offers guidance in the wording of your invitation.  If we do not what you are looking for in stock, we will work with our vendors to find that perfect invitation.  Why sort through 100's of pages of invitations trying to find the right one?  Why waste valuable time trying to find the exact invitation that suits your needs.

Things Very Special, Inc. was established in 1972 as a home based, appointment only business.  In the early 80's, Things Very Special transitioned from a home based business to a brick and mortar retail store.  Our mission is to serve the residences of Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas with quality selection of invitations and helpful guidance.  We believe in working with the customer and relieving the burden of planning a party or a wedding.  We have now expanded in supporting both the Fair Trade community and local handmade gifts. 

Things Very Special, Jacksonville - Our Story

"My partner and I had the most awesome experience at Things Very Special today! We bought some very beautiful stationary for our business and I was able to get the most perfect thank you card for someone very special. The customer service was above and beyond! Thank you so much! I'm SO glad we crossed the ditch to come visit!" - Facebook Review

"I love the selection of gifts this store offers. Walking in, I thought they were a new store, but discovered they have been around since the 70's. The owner really focuses on local handmade items. He supports the art community of Jacksonville. The store is stocked full of invitations and gifts. Greeting cards made in Jacksonville. I love the service. Highly recommended" - Google Review

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